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Are you the proud owner…

of a Gold Four Days Marches medal, having completed 10 times?

until the 104rd Four Days Marches!

The Four Days Marches gold medal is granted to a select group of walkers that have successfully completed the Marches for at least ten times. That is when you can join the Association of Gold Medallists.
The association looks after the interests of its members. We keep a close watch on all developments concerning the Four Days Marches and stay in touch with Stichting DE 4DAAGSE about developments concerning the Marches. Currently our association consists of over 3,700 members in The Netherlands and abroad.

Meeting project group Four Days Marches 2021

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{:nl}Deze week hebben drie van onze bestuursleden gesproken met de projectgroep Vierdaagse 2021 van Stichting DE 4DAAGSE. We hebben al een groot aantal suggesties van onze leden met de Stichting…

Mailing GOUD!

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In December 2019 we have sent our magazine GOUD! to all our members. This resulted in a large number of mails from members that they had not received our magazine.…

General Meeting 2020

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Our general members meeting in the Kolpinghuis in Nijmegen is held on Sunday July 19, 2020

General assembly Monday 19 july 2021

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Monday afternoon we hope to meet many of our members during the general assembly at a new location in Nijmegen. We hope that the Marches Leader and the chairman of…

With over 3,700 members, the Association of Gold Medallists Four Days Marches is an important sparring partner for us. That is why we regularly ask and have asked for their advice about matters ranging from route changes to the creation of the restriction protocol.

Johan Willemstein, (former) president of "Stichting DE 4DAAGSE"

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