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Are you the proud owner…

of a Gold Four Days Marches medal, having completed 10 times?

until the 105rd 4Days Marches!

The 4Days Marches gold medal is granted to a select group of walkers that have successfully completed the Marches for at least ten times. That is when you can join the Association of Gold Medallists.
The association looks after the interests of its members. We keep a close watch on all developments concerning the 4Days Marches and stay in touch with Stichting DE 4DAAGSE about developments concerning the Marches. Currently our association consists of over 3,400 members in The Netherlands and abroad.

Contributie 2023

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De contributie over 2023 is in 2 gedeelten gesplitst, deel 1 betreft contributie GKD a 10 euro (inclusief BTW), deel 2 -voor zover van toepassing- contributie KWBN compleet of basis…

Powered-by GKD, 30 september 2023

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De Betuwse Torentocht is een recreatieve tocht en verbindt de vijf kerken van Buren, Zoelen, Erichem , Kapel-Avezaath en Kerk-Avezaath. De kerken dienen als inschrijfbureau, start-/finishplaats en controlepost, maar ook…

Powered-by GKD, 12 februari 2023

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12 februari, 2023 @ 09:00 - 16:00 Vierde wandeltocht Winter5maandse 2022/2023 Tennis Vereniging Ruurlo Loolaan 94, Ruurlo, Gelderland WSV DOS Barchem organiseert van november t/m maart iedere maand een wandeltocht…

GM 22 april 2023

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{:nl}De locatie is vastgelegd: Gebouw KWJ Brakkenstein, D 'Almarasweg 22b, 6525DW Nijmegen, grenzend aan Park Brakkenstein en de Hortus, eigen parkeerplaats voor 15 voertuigen, gratis openbare parkeerplaats aan de ingang…

With over 3,700 members, the Association of Gold Medallists Four Days Marches is an important sparring partner for us. That is why we regularly ask and have asked for their advice about matters ranging from route changes to the creation of the restriction protocol.

Johan Willemstein, (former) president of "Stichting DE 4DAAGSE"

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