KWBN membership 2020 costs determined

By 4 June 2019 December 6th, 2019 KWBN

Dear members of de Gouden-Kruisdragers,

Some time ago, the Council of Members of the KWBN took place and there was a vote on the budget for 2020 and the accompanying contribution proposal.

Despite opposition from some of the Council members, the contribution model has been adopted for the coming three years. The association fee increases slightly and a slight increase has also been agreed for the individual payment of association members to the KWBN:

Contribution per member (Basic membership of KWBN: Walking pass only) 

2020:10,5 euro        2021:11 euro         2022:11,5 euro

Contribution per member (All-in-1 membership of KWBN: Walking pass, Walkingprogram, Magazin 

2020:18 euro           2021:18,5 euro      2022:19 euro

I voted in favor, even though the burden for you and me as a member is increasing. But the KWBN is finally doing what we have been asking them for years: advocacy. This means that walking clubs and walking tours are no longer alone in their struggle against municipalities, safety regions, nature monuments or state forest management. These organizations try to close the gaps in their budgets by exorbitantly taxing events, and that is a greater threat to the walking Netherlands than this increase in contributions from the KWBN. With stricter requirements for permits, traffic controllers, HACCP, AVG and other measures by the government and nature organizations, I (and with me a majority of Council members, including those of the RWV, OLAT etc.) still find the KWBN of vital importance. In addition, we are seeing increasing budgetary discipline at the KWBN, which means that we have confidence in the federal spending your contribution money wisely.

Although, as a Member Council Member, I am supposed to think and vote within the highest governing body of our union ‘without burden or consultation‘, I think it is more than reasonable that my considerations behind this decision are explained to you, our members.

Membership of the association through our association still remains considerably cheaper than individual membership of the KWBN.

Frans Leijtens, Member of the Council of KWBN, also secretary of Vereniging Gouden-Kruisdragers Vierdaagse