Meeting project group Four Days Marches 2021

By 27 January 2021 April 7th, 2021 Geen categorie

Some time ago three of our committee members spoke with the project group Four Days Marches 2021 of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE. We have already shared a large number of suggestions from our members with the Stichting (Foundation) and now we learned from the project group how the preparations for a Four Days Marches in 2021 are progressing.

Lotte and Angelique from the project group explained that they are still considering Four Days Marches in 2021. In that event they want to maintain five basic elements:

  1. Safety for participants, volunteers, employees and spectators at Four Days Marches locations
  2. Financially and operationally viable Four Days Marches
  3. Recognizable Four Days Marches, with attention to the international character and diversity of participants
  4. Public support for the Four Days Marches
  5. Comfort of the walker (not walking for 50 k with mouth mask)

The main obstacle is the 1,5 m rule, especially for spectators. Much can be arranged for walkers during the walk, but this is different for the public. Although it is primarily a responsibility for the authorities, the organisation has to account for the attraction of the Four Days Marches on the public. The project group is in contact with the town, the department of Defence, the Red Cross and other partners and has set itself several decision moment in the next months before any Four Days Marches can proceed. Of course, the Four Days Marches may be cancelled before any such decision moments, if external circumstances force a decision.

After the query that the Stichting has sent out in November last year and with numerous mails by walkers and our members, the project group has compiled a list of over 200 ideas. Although not all ideas are viable because of various reasons, every suggestions is being considered. On behalf of our Association of Gold Medallists (and the members of our Sounding Board) we have told the project group that the safety of walkers and volunteers is paramount. It should also be real Four Days Marches and that requires all groups of participants to be present.

Next month, we will meet with the project group again and of course we will keep you informed. Untill then: abide by the Corona regulations and stay healthy!

The committee of the Association of Gold Medallists