The Association of Gold Medallists has ambassadors for the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, the USA, Canada and Asia-Pacific. They can help you with any questions you may have regarding the association and its activities.

Trevor Day

Ambassador United Kingdom

The ambassador for the United Kingdom, Trevor Day, is addicted to the Four Days Marches. His first Vierdaagse was in 1984 and he has returned every year either to walk or to support. In 1986 he took his first group of walkers from British Telecom (now the BT Group). In his retirement from BT, Trevor is now a Priest in the Church of England and reserve chaplain for the Royal Navy (Sea Cadet Corps); you will therefore now more likely see him in his military uniform. He is known affectionately to the Sea Cadets as 'Bis' and to the Air and Army Cadets as 'Trev the Rev'. His favourite walking locations have, from an early age, been along the mountain paths of the Lake District in Cumbria (particularly around The Langdales). Trevor is enthusiastic about representing the UK as an ambassador for our association. You can contact Trevor via:

Katrien Delanote

Ambassador Belgium and France

Katrien Delanote is ambassador for Belgium and France. She lives in Deinze and is a speech therapist. Katrien has been a member of our association since 2013. She trains regularly along the Flemish roads in order to enjoy the Four Days Marches well prepared. Apart from walking she sings with the Gent’s choir ‘Kalliope’ and during some weeks in wintertime she gives ski lessons to young children. She works as a speech therapist in a school for children with a light mental disorder or learning disability; a challenging and varied job. Katrien hopes to bring more Belgian walkers to the Association of Gold Medallists and to liaise between the various Belgian walkers. You can contact Katrien via:

Michael Gödeke

Ambassador Germany

Michael Gödeke, ambassador for Germany, lives in Gladbeck (Ruhr area). He finished his first Four Days Marches in 1989 and came back to Nijmegen every year since then. Michael is married and has two kids. He worked in the Police department until March 2014 and since then retired. In addition to walking, Michaels loves mountain climbing as well as dancing. You can contact Michael via:

Tue Henriksen-Delaney

Ambassador Scandinavia

Tue Henriksen-Delaney is ambassador for Scandinavia. He was born in Denmark and came to the Netherlands in 2010 under the spell of love. Together with his wife he has a family and built a new career. In 2001 he took part in the Four Days Marches for the first time and was addicted to it immediately. After his 10th participation he naturally became a member of the Associaton of Gold Medallists. As an ambassador it is Tue’s ambition to minimise the distance between the Scandinavian members and our society. Tue is fluent in Danish, English and Dutch and can manage well in Norwegian and Swedish. You can contact Tue via:

Susanne Keller

Ambassador Switzerland

Susanne Keller is our Swiss ambassador. She lives in Bern, works as a business economist and is active as Hauptmann in the army. She participated in the Four Days Marches in 1978 and 1979. After a break she resumed her participation in 1991 and she has participated ever since. She is accommodated in Heumensoord. Susanne became a member of our association to meet likeminded people and to stay better informed about the Marches. To Susanne the Marches are like a virus that cannot be cured. She divides the year in ‘before Nijmegen’ and ‘after Nijmegen’ periods. She very much enjoys the marches she walks in order to prepare for Nijmegen: the Two Days Marches in Bern, the Klettgauer-Marschtage and MESA (Marche Européenne du Souvenir et de l’Amitié) in Belgium. Since 2000 she leads her own military walking group. You can contact Susanne via:

Marge Petronis

Ambassador United States and Canada

Marge (Martje) was born in Groningen. She emigrated to the Chicago area of the United States with her older brother and parents when she was a child. Marge loves a challenge and loves being outdoors, enjoying hiking, biking, skiing and jogging. In 1995 she read an article in 'Walking' magazine about the Four Days Marches. Thinking 'this is my heritage', she travelled to Nijmegen and completed her first Four Days Marches. She fell in love with the event, and has been back every year since. You can contact Marge via:

Jürg Tschabold

Ambassador Switzerland

Jürg Tschabold is also an ambassador for Switzerland. He lives in Worb, is an engineer and a lieutenant-colonel in the Swiss Army. In 1985, his colleague convinced him to join him in the Four Days Marches. Since then, he successfully finished the Marches over 20 times, always with the Swiss delegation. Like Susanne he stays in Heumensoord. He trains about 300-400 kilometres per year, enjoying walks such as in Waldshut-Thiengen, Baden-Würtenberg (Duitsland), WARMA / RAF March (Engeland) and Diekirch (Luxembourg). You can contact Jürg via:

Eiji Takemoto

Ambassador Asia Pacific