Collection authorisation                                           

In case you are living in the European Union and your local currency is the Euro, you can authorize us for automatic collection of the membership fee for 2020 and further by filling in the authorisation form below.

Direct Debit authorisation standing order

Name collector: Vereniging Gouden Kruisdragers Vierdaagse, Karstraat 18A, 6665LD Driel
Incassant-ID: NL11ZZZ401450240000
Characteristic = membership number-date

Hereby I authorise “Vereniging Gouden-Kruisdragers Vierdaagse” to collect the membership fee from my bank account yearly. And my bank to continuously debit an amount from my account in accordance with the instruction of the Golden Crossbars Four Days Marches Association. In case I would not agree with this collection, I can always cancel this collection by informing my bank accordingly (contact your bank for details).

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