The Golden Cross Bearers Trail.

On July 8, 2023, the Association of Golden Cross Bearers Four Days Marches will launch its anniversary gift on the occasion of the 105th 4Daagse: the Golden Cross Bearers Trail. This walking route of 6 or 28 km takes you past historical locations of the 4Daagse, showing you the stories of Golden Cross Bearers in the Storytrails app. The route can be followed via the interactive map in the app and via the route description in the accompanying guide. Members of our society will receive the guide at home in early July.


The route

The route formally begins at Irish Pub The Shamrock, within walking distance of Nijmegen station, but you may of course start the trail at any location you wish. Although the route is not marked (we did not get permission for that from the municipality of Nijmegen), it can be followed via the description in the guidebook and via the Storytrails app. The trail is 28 km long and takes you through Lent, the Goffertpark, Heumensoord and the Wedren. There is a route shortener, which goes via Keizer Trajanusplein and Mariaplein: this version is 6 km. You may of course walk the route at your own pace and time. There are bus stops at several places, so the route is also easy to divide into smaller stages.


The Storytrails app

Although the trail can be walked via the guidebook, the trail really comes into its own in the Storytrails app. This app, familiar from the Klompenpaden trails, offers not only a clear interactive map, but also pop-ups as soon as you pass an important location. That pop-up then points you to a video and photos, belonging to that location, which you can play in the app. Each video lasts 2 to 3 minutes: so you can stop to watch it or keep walking leisurely during the video. You need to install the Storytrails app on your smartphone and then scan the QR code in the guide: it will then take you directly to the Golden Cross Trail in the app. For now, the Golden Cross Trail remains shielded in the app and so you can only access it using the QR code (with the guidebook).


The videos

In cooperation with Storyshot, the Golden Cross bearers have captured 20 stories on film: 20 well-known and less well-known walkers tell about historical locations, traditions and personal anecdotes. They explain, how the 4Daagse came about in its current form and what exceptional events in the past have made the Walk of the World the largest multi-day walking event in the world. Record holders among the 4Daagse walkers such as Bert van der Lans and Dick Koopman, march leader Henny Sackers and ambassadors of the Golden Cross (such as Katrien Delanotte or Jurg Tschabold) appeared in front of our camera. The military side of the 4Daagse also receives attention and thus walkers of our path also get a glimpse of this world, which will be unknown to many. Besides the 20 films by Storyshot, a number of partners of our association have supplied a film: the Vierdaagsefeesten, the lap of honor of Stichting DE 4DAAGSE, the Koninklijke Wandelbond Nederland, the Sunset March and singer of Steps (4 days long), Paul de Graaf.


The guidebook

The guide offers anyone, who is not so handy with an app on the smartphone, the possibility to still walk the trail. In addition, the guide includes the QR code, which gives access to the content in the Storytrails app. Members of the association have received the guide, but the guide is also for sale for anyone who wants to learn more about the 4Daagse. The guide is for sale at the Citystore and at bookstore Dekker van de Vegt in the center of Nijmegen, at meetings of our association and at the meeting points of our association during the 4Daagse.


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